You bring the stress, we clean the mess at Virginia’s first Rage Room.

How does it work?

Select your package!

Booking ahead is always best, but walk in’s are welcome Tuesday - Sunday from 12- 8



Reserve your time!

Book your Destruction using our online booking system above. We don’t do refunds, reschedule only 

Arrive on time!

Or a few minutes early. You will have to fill out a waiver form. 

Weapons to Destroy with and Safety gear

We provide baseball bats, sledge hammers, and a hand sledge for you to Destroy with. 

  Safety first! Come wearing closed toe shoes. We will provide a jump suit, gloves, and safety glasses. If you think you are too tall for a jump suit, please wear pants and a long sleeve shirt.  



We have a Bluetooth speaker so you can put together a play list for your destruction. 

What happens to the stuff that’s destroyed?

♻️ Also don’t worry, the items were headed to the landfill until we get them. After your Destruction, we have the items properly recycled. We take the metal to the scrap yard and then we pay TFC recycling to properly process the rest at the waste to energy plant. We love breaking stuff , but we love the environment too. ♻️

See what our satisfied customers are saying!


I felt such euphoria when I was all done!    -Blain Stuart, News Channel 3 WTKR

It was a safe fun place to get all your stress out! You get to break stuff, make a mess, take a few minutes to relax, and not clean it up. The owners are awesome.


An experience like no other!! Live it up!

Group Rates Available!

Group Rates Available! 10 or more people

An office outing or party that will never be forgotten!!! 

Its great for team building, corporate events, and birthday parties; ages 12 and up. 

The cost is $275 for a group of at least 10, any additional people are $27.50 per person. That includes one printer and 10 glass items per person and the two Destruction Rooms and party area. 

We also have a projector and screen so you can have a business meeting, then smash some stuff 😎. 

Yes of course you could do this at home, but...


Why bust up your stuff and have to clean it up? Leave that to us. What would your neighbors think? Our neighbors already think we are nuts Lol! Plus, we recycle the stuff destroyed.

Gift Certificates Availible!

 Give the gift of stress relief by getting that special someone a Destruction Room gift Card. Breaking stuff that your allowed to is so much fun. 

Watch this Destruction below. This could be you.

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